10 Great Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Old Blog Posts

I know that you’re blogging regularly and now you may have a blog with a lot of articles. Your blog may be getting a lot of traffic.
But do you know that your readers are giving more interest only in your new posts?
Yes! It’s true. About 80% of readers only looks for what’s new in a blog. They never click on the ‘Older Posts’ whereas some old posts may contain much more useful information then the new ones.
So, it’s your duty to make they check in to your old posts. You’ve to make a way so that they visit your old posts too.
Top 2 reasons why you should use some effort now:
  1. Your blog will get a less bounce rate i.e. the number of page views will increase.
  2. Your past works will not get dust. They will get a chance to become evergreen.
Here are some ways to make your readers visit your old posts:
  • Republish your old posts by adding some extra & new information.

If you’ve written about a topic before then take it out and do some more research on it. Surely you will get some more information about it now. So add that info & make your old post a new and a more informative post. If you do this your new readers will automatically visit that post and your old readers will also love to read it once again.
  • Share your old posts on your Facebook page & also tweet the post on Twitter.

What many of us do is, we only share our new posts links in the Social Networking sites but we never give a damn to our old post links. This only brings a lot of traffic to the new posts & our readers don’t get the old post links. So along with sharing of new post links we should share the old post links too
  • Use “related posts widget” to get traffic to some of your old posts.

Another way to get traffic to your old posts is by showing related posts below each post. This will help the readers to make a way to your old posts after reading your new posts.
  • Use Inner linking tactics to get traffic to your old posts from new posts.

You can make readers to visit your old posts by adding your old post links to your new posts. This will automatically attract the interested readers to click on the links. But you’ve to keep in mind that the new post and the old post are written on the same topic. They must be relevant. Otherwise your readers will never click on the links as they may not be interested in your link.
  • Use “Featured Articles widget” or “custom links widget”.

If you’re not using such type of widgets then you should try them once. Using them you can manually set the links of your old posts. You can even show snippets of your posts which will help in attracting your readers.
  • Make a PDF using your old posts and give it as a freebie.

This is a great way to attract new visitors and to make more subscribers. You can just make a PDF of your old posts and give a copy of it to anyone who subscribes your blog.
  • Guest post on other blogs and get traffic to your old posts.
You can easily search some good guest blogs of same niche and write an article for them. By doing this you can get more exposure and traffic your blog. But if you want traffic to only the old posts then you can just add links of 1 or 2 posts to your guest post.
  • Submit your already written articles to article directories.
By submitting your already written articles you can get traffic to your old posts without any effort. You just need to republish an article of yours by attaching your old post links to it.
  • Comment on other blogs with same niche to get exposure and traffic.
You can search for some blogs which accept comments with links. There you can just leave a kick-ass comment with the link of your old post.
  • Create a new page “Evergreen Posts” and display the old posts in that page.
You can just do it. It makes readers to click on the page and check which posts are the evergreen ones. Now if the posts interest them, they will just check them out.
Those were some of the best ways to make your blog better and to keep your old posts evergreen. If I’ve missed any point then do comment about it…

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