Paid Blog Commenting Service Good OR Bad?

Blog Commenting is now of the most effective technique for link building and traffic generation. Every blogger and website owner are spending major portion of time on commenting. It helps in getting backlinks from establish and popular blogs and increase website or blog traffic.

However these days many bloggers and website owners are hiring blog commenters, so that they can post comments on different niche blogs.
Well it is good to hire a person for blog commenting, but i have noted some issues with paid commenters.

1. Irrelevant Comments

I have seen plenty of irrelevant comments on my blog. The reason that these comments are not matching with the blogpost content is, because they are done by a paid person. Paid comment poster will not care about the quality of comment, he will just post a simple line about the blog or about the author. Such type of comments are normaly marked as SPAM. If you are a Paid comment poster then care about this issue.
If you are going to hire a person, then make sure that he will not post just a simple line about the blog or design. Otherwise no one is going to approve the comment.

2. Same IP Address

I have also seen a lot of comments from the same IP Address. It showed me that the person is a paid commenter and just want to complete his or her project. I am not against your services, but at least add some quality to the post. If you are not adding quality, then i am not going to approve the comment.
If you are a paid commenter then add value to the blog. Don’t try to just complete your project by posting comments for your clients. Bloggers can catch you through different ways.

3. Short Comments

One of the most popular terms that every paid commenter uses during blog commenting is “Very useful article”, “Very Informative article”, “Great Sharing” etc. Avoid such terms when posting comments on blogs. Every blogger can send your comment to SPAM folder, if you will just post such type of terms.
I can easily identify a paid commenter through these ways. If you are going to hire some one for blog commenting, then make sure that he/she will not do the same.

Due to these reasons hiring a person for blog commenting is not going to help you. If you can give me any solid reason that hiring a person for blog commenting is good, then share it. So that our readers can know about the advantages of Paid Blog Commenting Service. Otherwise i don’t think it can help a blogger.

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