Three Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Every blog needs traffic. Without readers, a blog is nothing more than a diary – and if that's what you wanted you wouldn't be broadcasting it to the world. But whether you blog is for fun, for business or to explore new ideas, starting out can be rough. Site stats start off low and can easily plateau.

So how do you get traffic for your blog? Here are three time tested ways.
Build Better Content. We'll spare you the “content is king” line (oops). But it's true – the better your content, the more traffic you will get and, ultimately, the more of it you'll keep. New bloggers often despair at this advice. Isn't your content pretty good already? Well, maybe, but look at it the way a new visitor would. Is the site attractive? Easy to read? Are there pictures in the posts?

And do you ever say anything that pushes the goddamn envelope?

(Cursing isn't always a good idea, but it makes good seasoning.)

Focus on producing good content that says something unique, and do it often. If you can put out two fresh articles a week you'll find your traffic growing.

Promote Other Blogs. New bloggers can feel all alone. Every week I get emails from new bloggers who want me to look at their work in the hope that I'll link out to them. But what really gets my attention is when someone links to me or tweets my work. Big bloggers need love, too, and if you're a fan who gives them regular shout-outs they will notice. It's a long-term strategy, but building up other people's blogs will eventually result in traffic floating to your site.

You can also comment on other blogs in your niche, which will usually mean a free link to your site. Just make sure your comment is thoughtful – remember, content is the k-word.

Blog Directories. A blog directory is a site that catalogs blog posts by topic, making it easy for people to find your work. Most blog directories allow you to submit only a limited number of posts, but some premium sites like give you free reign to promote your blog like crazy. Most come with a variety of helpful tools, too – things that will help you analyze your traffic or get more search traffic.

Ultimately there's no single action that will open the flood gates on traffic, but an array of tactics that build it up. The key is persistence. Keep the content coming and take a few steps every week to build up more traffic. The investment pays off.


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