8 Awesome Ways to Make Your Guest Post Stand Out in the Crowd

We all know the benefits of Guest Posting, don’t we?
But, for the newbies who have no idea about it: What is Guest Blogging?
In simple language, writing for other blogs is known as guest blogging.
Even if you’re blogging, you should guest blog. Why?
Because you want traffic, you want more subscribers, you want more sales, you want your brand to rise….
Do you want more reasons?
If yes, then here is a big list showing the benefits that you will get when you guest blog in a successful authority site.
#1. Targeted Traffic to Your Blog.
#2. Quality Backlinks forever.
#3. Quick building of long email lists.
#4. More Search Traffic (Indirectly).
#5. More fans and followers on social media sites.
#6. More Readers & Commentators.
#7. Higher Page Rank & Domain Authority.
#8. More amount of post shares.
#9. More Income from Ads & Affiliates.
#10. Indirect Search Engine Optimization.
So now you’ve got the idea that a guest post helps in driving traffic to our blogs, in increasing our blog’s ranking in search results and in many other ways. Again, it is also one of the best ways to get exposure and increase the PR (Page Rank) of a blog.
By seeing the benefits every other blogger searches for a guest blog in their niche and submits their guest post. And this helps them to a much extent. But many guest blogs publish a number of posts in the same day and so chances are there that your guest post may just go unnoticed. Readers too don’t possess much time to read each and every post published and they just pick up the interesting one. So it’s our duty to make them read our post.
What if you’ve written with a lot of effort and only few have read it? So, we have to take certain steps to make our guest post stand out in the crowd.
So, here are some ways to make your guest post stand out, so that it drives more and more readers:

1. Write on a Debating or a Mass-wanted Subject.

Do you write awesome content? It’s good. But readers out there always like controversial posts and debating articles like- Blogger or WordPress? Again they also like posts that have call to action. So in order to make more visits to our guest post we should always try to write such type of posts that interests the readers. Otherwise they will just make a way to the post lying beside yours.

2. Give a Great Headline to Your Post.

When we share our posts in Social Networking Sites then the headline plays an important role in attracting the users. So how much we can, we must try to put an interesting headline to our guest posts. These helps in attracting a lot of users from sites like Facebook & Twitter.

3. Add a relevant Meta-tag to your Post.

When a user sees our post in Search Results page, the meta-tag helps him to make a decision- whether he should click the link or not. So a relevant Meta-tag does a lot good in this case. A relevant meta-tag gives the user a reason to click on your link.

4. Share the Post in Social Networking Sites.

This point always helps in making our posts stand out. Most of the blog readers check the popularity of a post by seeing the no. of likes or the no. of tweets it has got. So a post with more no. of shares automatically attracts a lot of people. Again, sharing of the post also helps in driving a lot of users from the social sites. So sharing helps all in all.

5. Choose an Attractive Image for Your Post.

Along with a headline an Image too appears in the social sites when we share our posts. Again, even in the homepage your post will appear along with an image. So an attractive and unique image always helps in driving traffic.

6. Optimize Your Guest Post for Search Engines.

I know that after submitting your guest post the Editor will check it and will optimize it for search engines. But you can’t just leave everything for him. If you have time then you should spent a little more by optimizing the post. This is only going to help you and your blog. So a little optimization is worth it.

7. Proofread your guest post for both users and search engines.

In order to gain some recommendations from Google you have to provide some well understandable stuff to the readers out there. You need to recheck your content after completing it. You should always try to proofread your blog posts before publishing it because readers don’t like to read something which is full of grammatical mistakes and wrong spellings.

8. Comments on Your Posts Attract More Visitors.

How do you feel when you see a post getting 100s of comments? Not only you, everyone you sees the post feels that, this post should have good content otherwise why people would have commented there. But some times even after writing good content bloggers don’t get comments. So in order to gain more comments you can follow these 3 tips:
#1 Tip: End your article in a way that inspires the reader. Give a short summary if you can.
#2 Tip: Ask your friends & readers to comment on your blog post.
#3 Tip: Encourage your readers to share your post in social sites.
Once you gain many comments your post will have an another reason to stand out. Visitors will simply make their way to read to your post.
These are the points that came to my mind right now. If you want to add more points then you can always indicate them in the comments section. Anyways I will suggest you to write something useful, informative and uncommon to get more attention in this highly competitive blogosphere.

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