I Love Spam Comments and Thanks to Those Who Spam on My BloG

We all know that good comments are very important for a blog. They not only increase engagement but also help in getting more loyal readers.
I Love Spam Comments and Thanks to Those Who Spam on My BloG

How good comments help in getting more loyal fans?

Very Simple..!! When a new visitor comes to your bog he checks our articles and gets his work done. And if he likes it then he shares it on Facebook for his friends or tweets about it to his followers. But there’s a chance that this visitor who shares/ spreads your works may never return to your blog. Now if this is the case then you may be losing his 100 friend visitors or 100 follower’s visits [just an approx.]. Then, that’s a heavy loss right?

How to stop the loss of thousands of loyal fans?

Solution is genuine comments.
When a new visitor sees other fellow bloggers and readers commenting on your blog, leaving some great messages then there’s a chance that the new visitor may become your returning visitor and with time he may also become one your loyal fans.
Thus, genuine comments can do us a lot good.
Genuine comments from some of my fellow bloggers and readers have helped me a lot. So I thank all those who have left their great comments on my blog.

Now, what are the benefits of good comments?

1. More Engagement.
2. Creating Relationships.
3. Search Engine Optimization.
4. Learning  new things.
5. Getting More Loyal Fans.

Do you know? Good comments also help in SEO if they are keyword optimized.

The comments stay in the same page where the content is. So they too get indexed by Google and if they have some relevant keywords that we have used in our post then they can do a lot good to us and our blog.
So, that’s all for you to know how comments can help the author of the blog.
But, if you want to know how comments can help the commentators more than the author of the blog then check this post of mine.
Now let’s come to the point, why I said in the headline of my post that I love spam comments?
Simple, because I can edit them as I wish.
Just Comment on this blog and I’ll edit it For Sure.
SkyHiT Blog started receiving comments from its very first days and from that time it’s receiving genuine as well as spam comments.
I have always accepted the genuine comments as I love people who appreciate my work. But, the opposite is not true (I don’t actually hate those who leave spam comments but I thank them for doing that).
Now what I always do with the genuine comments is, if they contain some grammatical or spelling mistake then I correct them and approve them but if I get spam comments then I take the following steps:

Three steps that I take when I get spam comments (and you should take too):

1. Read it to know if it’s a spam comment.
2. Edit it to keep just the message and remove the links. But if it’s totally irrelevant then I edit it with some relevant message (Hey! I’m agreeing it publicly). And that’s what we should do with those spam comments. It’s better to edit them than throwing them to trash.
3. Finally I publish them.

Why I don’t delete spam comments?

Because after editing them they helps in bringing more loyal fans, as discussed above. (They increase the no. of blog comments too.)

What’s the reason behind doing all these editing and not approving spam comments directly?

1. Spam comments like “good post” or “thanks for this” don’t add any value to our posts; rather they just take up some space in our database. People giving these types of comment just want backlinks.
2. They stops good commentators form commenting on our blog posts. That’s true. If good commentators see 10 comments on your blog post of which maximum are “good post” type comments then he’s never going to comment on your blog post.
3. Google indexes them and so they don’t add ay value to SEO of our blog.
4. They don’t convert new visitors into loyal fans as they are not impressive.
There are many more reasons which shout the same thing- “Don’t accept spam comments they are worthless.” So why not make them worthy?

How to convert spam comments into worthy and valuable comments?

1. Add relevant messages, keeping the blog post in mind.
2. Use some related keywords as used in the post. If the post talks about cat foods then why don’t add the keyword ‘cat foods’ in the spam comment?
3. Add a thanks message.
Just doing all these can help us a lot, which just deleting the comment would have never done to us.
So what you will do from now? Delete the spam comments or edit them so that they add value to our blog posts and blog SEO?
To know whether I’ll edit your comment just leave one below, now. :)
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