Use Google Analytics to Drive more Traffic towards your Blog

This is not the first article on Google Analytics and you may have already read hundreds of articles online like how to create Google Analytics account or How to integrate with Analytics etc but the problem is that no one tells you how to use Analytics to drive more traffic towards your blog. Google Analytics let you check your blog data every time but checking data and analyzing data are two different things. You should check your blog data daily or weekly but its very important that you analyze your website data at least once in three months.

What Website Data should I be Paying Attention to?

There is one very common problem with newbie bloggers when it comes to analyzing your blog data in Google analytic and that is you can easily lost in it. Actually you will find lots of information that one cannot decide where to start. Every blog is different from other blog and same is the case here where every blogger will have to emphasis on different aspects of reports but key data points are still the same for everyone. Here are the five main data points which you should take care of in Google Analytics.

Use Keyword Reports to Optimize Your Website

The first thing you should look into Analytics report of your blog is the keywords section. This can be found in Traffic Sources Overview part of the right hand side of your Analytics account. Copy your top 10 keywords and from next onwards use these keywords in your articles, anchor text, image names, title tags, alt tags etc.

Spend more Time on the Websites that Refer the most Traffic to Your Website

Its also very important to know which search engine or social media websites are referring traffic to your blog. I know marketing your blog is the key factor but it requires lots of time. In order to save your time you have to use it wisely with the help of Traffic Sources report. Just visit Traffic Sources report and note down the top 10 traffic referring websites. If you found any website in top 10 where you have publish a guest post than try to contact that webmaster again and ask him that if it is possible to write another post or not. If yes go ahead and surly it will increase your blog traffic.

Try to figure out social networking websites and which website is getting you more traffic than other. Try to be ore social on websites with less traffic. If you have banner ads on other websites analyze which website banner ad is performing well and which banner is producing less traffic. There may be a case when you find a website which may be totally unknown to you. Try to contact that webmaster and partnership with him in order to bring more traffic.

Produce More of the Content Your Visitors Like

Understanding which articles are more read by your blog visitors is going to help you write more articles like that in future. In Google Analytics go to Content Overview section and note down top searches page of your blog. Revisit these posts and pick some great ideas which you have forgot to post. Create a plan in which you should write posts in future that revolves around your most popular posts. If possible try to create an E-book or upload YouTube video related to those articles.

Publish New Content, Contests, and General Website Updates on High Traffic Days

You can monitor your blog traffic against the high traffic days like weekends, Valentine day, Black Friday, Christmas etc. If your blog is getting extra traffic on these days than publish new articles on these days, run free contests and try to spent as much time as possible on social media. Make new theme update or add more functionality like polls etc on these days to involve your visitors more. You will be amazed to see the results of publishing articles on high traffic days.

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