6 Important Tips For Proof Reading Your Articles

Proper grammar and proper spellings are the two aspects of the post that are not that much important for making an influence. But, they can easily break all your influence on any one of your readers. One common thing to any good authority blog is that it never holds and grammatical errors in its articles. Because that is one thing that can dump all their authority.

In other words, when you see a post filled up with errors, it breaks all your concentration and understanding of the article. So, there is a huge need to properly check that this article of yours is not badly written. It isn’t actually the fault of the writer, but it always is due to the many dumb distractions on your pc or your editor. So, here are some pretty simple six tips to make sure your highly credible blog doesn’t lose its credibility.

1. A better Text editor

I would always suggest all my readers to only use tools that are really less distractive. Some simple examples are like MS Word 10, or some writer applications such as evernote, darkroom. If you have an apple product, then writeroom will do it. But, my better approach is the Google Docs Word editor

Hey, why i am listing these dumb tools while you already have Windows Live Editor and WordPress editor themselves, because i find them more distractive. You can keep using them if you like. But, the important thing is that most grammatical and spelling errors are due to distracted writing.

2. Print your copy and read it

Hey, you have got 600 readers who would be eager to read that post of yours. So, why don’t print it up and check what problems it is having with the grammar and spelling. Believe me, you won’t find these mistakes when you read that copy on the PC. The practice is still that many writers like to write on paper and typewriters. They don’t have those blind spots that causes spell and grammar mistakes.

3. A standing table

Honestly saying, this isn’t my idea. This is of someone else. but i listed it because it works for me. You will have a lot of back problems if you write while sitting on that chair. Why don’t you just order a table that measures up to your chest or your waist (whatever is more comfortable). That will help you stay healthy and productive. Many times, we start to make mistakes when we are too much tired of our work. So, i think that this ought to work.

4. Take small breaks and think more about your topic

Many times when you keep writing long for your blog. It makes you think that you are writing everything correct, even when it isn’t. You should pay attention to your working hours and should take small breaks before completing your work.

After taking a break, you will this time notice which grammatical mistakes that you have made earlier. Human psychology reports say that we aren’t able to look out for our mistakes when we are just continuing with our work. But, looking at the content again after having a rest will simply open your eyes.

5. Hire editors to edit that work

I have seen many people hiring editors and not writers for their content. And those are really big people. They do it because they figured out why you can’t always see your own mistakes. This is a big fault in human eyes, they just don’t see their mistakes, but assume that everything they are writing is correct without any doubt. The simplest thing you can do to resolve it is to follow Tip no. 4 or you can hire an editor and save a lot of your time.

Editors are not even that much costly. You can find an editor for a price as low as $1 per article. That is very much affordable compared to your time in reading that whole article again.

6. A grammar and Spelling check

I listed this tip in the last because i know that every one else know it already. But, i have a new tip also associated with it. You should always correct your mistake always in spite of  clicking on that one click correction. I have two reasons for it. It doesn’t takes too much time + your mistakes become noticeable to you for the next time. You can understand it by spelling GRAMMAR. While many people writes it as GRAMMER. But, when you keep correcting it, you will notice your mistake every next time you repeat it.

So, these were some simple tips for proofreading your articles and the thing is that it is more than just proofreading that i have listed in this article. These tips are to make you a better writer i.e. make your article more valuable. So, enjoy copywriting and have fun.


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