5 Best Social Bookmarking Sites that Will Drive Crazy Amounts of Traffic to Your Blog Posts

If you’re a blogger trying to increase your readership and you do not know about social bookmarking sites then you’re behind the eight ball. If you’re blogging about even a remotely competitive topic, then search engine traffic alone will be minimal to moderate at best. That’s why bloggers these days use a variety of methods to promote their posts on the web. Submitting your posts to social bookmarking sites is one of the best ways to do this and generate a buzz and subsequent traffic to your blog.

However, there are hundreds upon hundreds of social bookmarking sites to choose from and since submitting your blog posts to these sites consumes your time, you’ll want to be sure you’re submitting to the very best ones. As reported by very successful bloggers, here are the top 5 social bookmarking sites that will drive crazy amounts of traffic to your blog.

1. Digg.com

Everyone knows about Digg.com and this site receives several thousand submissions each day. Most submissions only receive a few “diggs” then disappear into oblivion. However, successful bloggers report that “digging” all of your blog posts is one of the fastest ways to have them indexed by Google – helping your blog’s ranking in the SERPs. Also, if you do happen to submit an incredibly interesting, quirky or news breaking post and it starts to go crazy on Digg, then you’ll see unbounded traffic coming to  your blog from this social bookmarking site.

2. StumbleUpon

If you submit your best blog posts to StumbleUpon, and better yet if you write a positive review of that post on this site, then you ought to see more traffic headed your way. The best bloggers across the board, who track their traffic sources meticulously, say that StumbleUpon is a significant source of visitors for their blog. However, be warned that submitting too many similar, not useful or spam-like blog posts to StumbleUpon will result in this site banning you from making further submissions.

3. Reddit

This social bookmarking site has a dedicated group of followers and is growing in popularity at a fast rate. Once, primarily focused on tech-centric blogs, you can now find blogs on a variety of topics posted on Reddit. Reddit also offers do-follow links, has a Google PageRank of 8 and an AlexaRank of 140, meaning it’s a powerful site to place backlinks to your blog for the purposes of ranking higher in the search engines. Bloggers are reporting more and more traffic from Reddit every day.

4. Twitter

If you do not have a Twitter account, make one immediately and start searching out followers that have anything to do with your blog niche. If you eventually build up to 1,000 followers, every time you tweet one of your blog posts, many, many people will see your tweet that contains a link to your blog. What’s even better is that most of your followers should have some interest in your blog niche and therefore be more inclined to click on your links.

5. Any Good, Niche-Specific Bookmarking Site

There are several social bookmarking sites that only allow blogs in certain niches to submit posts. These blogs are great and a huge source of traffic for many bloggers, since the readers of these social bookmarking sites generally have a keen interest in the topic at hand and are much more likely to visit your blog. Some social bookmarking sites in this category include healthline.com for health related blogs and Technorati.com for tech-centric blogs.

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