5 Tips On Best Ways To Keep Blog Readers Engaged

When someone lands on your blog they might have come via Google, Yahoo or one of your social media accounts including Twitter and or Facebook. Depending on where they came from and what they clicked on, there are things you can do to further engage and retain this reader longer on your blog. This is the ultimate goal no matter what your niche is or what type of blog you have.

Let’s take a look at five tips on best ways to keep your blog readers engaged.

1. Videos – one little known method to keep your blog readers and visitors longer on your site is to strategically use videos. You can either have a special page dedicated to “how to videos” or simply add one to the bottom of each blog post or direct them to your homepage where you have an intro video for new visitors. As you can see you’re only limited by your imagination in the use of video on your site.

2. Email - do you run an email list? If not, try and see if this increases your visitor retention rate. One tip on gathering emails for your list, is to embed the sign up form several times on all your pages in a clear and prominent position. The more times a reader see the sign up form, the more he or she might be inclined to sign up to your email list. So embed it at the top of blog posts, bottom of blog posts and the sidebar.

3. Contest – you can almost never go wrong with a quick and dirty blog giveaway to attain all sorts of goals, including a lower bounce rate. You can set up the content in such a way as to require lots of reading which will in turn keep a visitor longer on your site. Also this could take the form of a “caption contest” where the reader needs to think to come up with a clever and or funny caption for the image or several images. Have them tweet about it and Facebook it as well.

4. RSS – not everyone on the net is the same. Some people prefer to access content via email, while others use Twitter and others use a RSS feed reader. It’s a good idea to have all the options, since you might not know yet which is the method your readers prefer. Install a big and flashy RSS button on your blog in several places like with your email sign up form and let your readers choose their personal preference.

5. Image Gallery - people love two things on the internet: video and images. So give it to them. Create a page that houses a cool, fun or interesting image gallery in your niche. The more wild, wacky and or wonderful the better your results should be. The image gallery should house many pics, at least 20 or so.

As you can see there are a few things you can do to keep readers longer on your blog no matter where they came from or what they initially click on to land there. Try one of the methods discussed above and let us know how your bounce rate is affected after a few weeks or months.

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