Top Ten Ways to Drive Twitter Traffic to Your blog

Twitter is a well known social media channel.  This can enormously increase the flow of traffic to your blog.  This is also a powerful tool as it acts as a search engine optimizer.  In this world of heavy competition we cannot stay away from social media.  Thus one should instantly create their twitter account and get started.  It is only with the usage you with get the ease of working with twitter.

Twitter has not only become the trend of the day it has also established as one of the powerful tools in the hands of the business man.  The more the time you spend on it, the easier it would become for you to work on it.  As there is a constraint in the usage and only limited words can be entered one has to carefully frame the sentence and define your business in a very creative way.   It is the creativity where lies the success of the business. 

What do you think about monetizing blog? Is it possible through twitter? How far can twitter influence in monetizing your blog?  In-text advertising and Google Adsense programs are very familiar methods which are helpful in monetizing blog.  But many businesses are using social media to monetize their blog.  Several forms of social media channels are explored these days.  Day by day new techniques are evolved.  Through twitter also business can be developed to a greater extent.  Twitter provides you a platform to portray your blog.  In other words, through twitter you can reach your target audience and stay on their minds.  This in turn helps in monetizing your blog and the flow of traffic to the blog increases.  You can promote your business in several ways in your twitter account. This also helps in monetizing your blog. Given below is Top Ten Ways to Drive Twitter Traffic to Your Blog

Expertise in creating a compelling twitter profile

A compelling twitter profile does not mean using jargoned words.  A simple attention grabbing page that would attract the visitors to view your account, read your tweets and connect to you is all that you need.  Make a simple and a brief note of yourself in your biography.

An appropriate start is with a good name

An appropriate and an impactful name is very essential. Another important factor is that the profile name must relate to your business.  This is the key factor that derives traffic to the blog.

The URL of the blog

The URL of the blog is very significant from the point of search engine optimization.  Although many people do not prefer to use or display URL in the biography but from the point of increasing traffic it is very significant that you display your URL in the biography itself so that people can view it and come to your blog directly.

Spread your wings to the farthest

Do not feel shy or conservative. Your business needs recognition.  So does your twitter account also.  As we have seen that business use to grow and spread through word of mouth in olden days, same strategy is used here.  Here through your twitter account you need to notify your presence to all people around you, whether they are friends or acquaintances. The more the people come to awareness the more they get connected to you.

Grab the attention of people around you

In your twitter account there is a search functionality. With the help of this functionality you can invite people of similar interest. You can also try with different interest persons. The more and more invites you send, the more and more people may look into your profile and may also become prospective visitors to your blog.  This indirectly increases the rate of traffic to your blog.

Build a networking arena

We all love to get noticed.  And we all hate to be ignored.  Therefore keeping this strategy in mind, remember to follow up your followers.  Keep them updated so that they would feel that you really care for them. It is essential because they will come again and again to your blog, therefore increase the rate of your traffic.

Influence your network

You can add many people and enhance your network. And after a certain point of time you can use them to enhance your business through their network.  But for this you have to promote their business too.

Content, content, content

Your content must be exceptional and something interesting that people get influenced by what they read.  So focus on it and engage people with good content.

Use the latest twitter gadgets

Learn about the various twitter gadgets that are available and use them.  This will help you to build a great network around you. Explore it yourself and see the difference.

Freebie and offers

Perks and other free samples are compelling way to attract people.  This will also help you to get more traffic to your main blog.

These are few strategies which help in getting good traffic to your blog from your twitter account.  But wonders do not happen overnight.  All you have to do is to enhance your twitter account in the best possible way.  You have to create your account and slowly indulge in injecting all the strategies in a fully fledged way to perceive the wonders.  Here you have to spend more of your time in building relationships. The social networking sites helps in developing genuine relationship.  But one has to be very cautious and careful while doing so.  Many business blogs have already developed lucratively using social media such as twitter.   Though initially they are small when started with networking they grow up gradually by increasing the number of followers.  They develop their business organically and create a reputation amidst the minds of the people.  This has already been tested by several people in different approaches and has been a proven method.  The strategies that you can apply are limited to your creative thinking.

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